The students at Norway's Guy E. Rowe Elementary School in Norway have got to be pretty excited right now, after being one of ten schools in the country to be chosen as finalists for the second annual elementary school creativity contest. They could even have the Harlem Globetrotters come to visit.

The contest is called “Court of Creativity", and is sponsored by Jersey Mike’s Subs. Its purpose is to inspire students and educators to show their talents through projects that are related to the world-famous Harlem Globetrotters, or basketball itself.

A panel of judges chose ten schools in the nation as finalists, each being awarded $1,000 from Jersey Mike's Subs.

Guy E. Rowe submitted entries across every classroom. Ms. Porter’s class third-grade class came up with this great idea:

“As part of celebrating Read Across America Week, our class read “The Chocolate Touch”, written by Patrick Skene Catling. In this book, the main character has the magical power to turn anything he touches into chocolate–his most favorite thing.


Well, we thought “what would happen if everything we touch turns into basketballs?!” And we decided that it would be pretty AWESOME if we had that magical power!”


- Kristen Porter


Courtesy Court of Creativity
Courtesy Court of Creativity

You can see more projects from Guy E. Rowe's classes, and all of the top 10 finalists nationwide here.

Congratulations to Guy E. Rowe school students and teachers for making the top 10, from someone who was a student there himself in third grade. Good luck! We hope you win it all!

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