Okay, simmer down Swifties, I am not against you.

For the most part.

Listen, we all have our favorite artist or band that we would do anything for.

Pay hundreds, even thousands, of dollars to see? Sure. Buy 100x marked-up merch because you only see the Eras Tour once? Sure.

But selling or buying rainwater? Nope. No, no, no.

I'll back it up, and yes, this is serious.

If you missed it, which I know you didn't because it was all over every social media platform in New England, Taylor Swift performed for over 3.5 hours at Gillette Stadium in the pouring rain on Saturday, May 20, 2022.

Everyone knows Taylor Swift's fans, Swifties, are loyal. Okay, kind of crazy. But I mean that in a good way! We ALL have that one artist or band we are obsessed with.

But how obsessed? And is there a line?

It's this...hi...this is the problem, it's this...

Selling...rain? This is a bit much.

I am thinking and hoping that this is just a funny joke. However, if there are any legitimate bids, that is simply crazy.

I will say, the comments on the Only in Boston post are pretty funny (all kept anonymous):

Love how it’s stored in a jar from the dispensary. Love Boston!


Damn, missed opportunity. I could probably still squeeze enough of it out of my outfit to fill several jars.


My daughter brought home some cupcakes, coconut shrimp, and some chicken tenders from last night's concert- hey, day old coconut shrimp that was breathed on using the same air as Taylor Swift- goes to the highest bidder


I should have kept the rain, blood, sweat, tears I collected while on music tours. I could have retired a long time ago.


What a bargain I’ll take three!

Classic crazy Swifties...and Bostonians...

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