Did you know The U.S. ski association hired a man named Pheous Sprague to find a ski mountain in Maine? Or that originally they planned to have Sugarloaf on the Bigelow mountain range? Those plans had to be scrapped when Flagstaff Lake was made.

The very first trail was cut into the mountain in the summer of 1950 by the Sugarloaf Mountain Ski Club. 3 years later a 700 foot tow rope was installed to help skiers up part of the mountain.



It wasn't until 1955 that the very first T-Bar was installed. It was 900 feet long and could move 600 skiers an hour up the  mountain. A year later another T-Bar was installed at the top of the original T-Bar, bringing skiers an additional 2,600 feet up.

The "Mighty Gondola" was installed in the summer of '65, then in '69 they added the first chairlift which was removed from the mountain in 2015.

This video shows how different Sugarloaf was in 1964..


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