Here's a not-so-spoiler alert: Teachers get hosed.

Teaching Jobs

Yes, they get summers off and 3 weeks of vacation during the school year, as well as national holidays off, which is a perk. But considering they deal with some bratty kids that don't listen and cause trouble, work long days with the responsibility of helping to educate the future of the world, and do it for peanuts of a salary -- seems like a fair exchange.

Maine Teacher Appreciation

For their troubles, regardless of the perks of a lot of time off (and that's not even always guaranteed, since there are times they have to work summer school hours), teachers get disrespected by students. Deal with argumentative parents. And just an overall big bucket of the opposite of teacher appreciation.

And that's why Binga's in Windham is here to change the game.

Over the weekend, Binga's posted the above message to their Instagram encouraging people with teachers in their lives (or even teachers themselves) to slide in their DMs for an upcoming special teacher appreciation project.

Not much was really known about the project other than it clearly involved something that was showing love to teachers across Vacationland. But only a couple of days after reaching out to the public for info on teachers, we found out what they're up to.

Binga's Windham Teacher Appreciation Days

In literally no time, Binga's put together a teacher appreciation post on their Instagram as a follow-up to their request for teacher information, including a quote about the challenges of being a teacher and then highlighting local educators throughout Maine, both newer and more experienced.

And then revealed exactly what they were up to -- giving all teachers a discount on Tuesdays when they dine in as a token of their appreciation.

Massive props to Binga's for showing the love to teachers. It's something so simple but the appreciation from teachers throughout Maine must be huge. Here's hoping it's not only an uptick of business for Binga's in Windham on Tuesdays but across the board. Why wouldn't Mainers want to support a local business that's all about bringing good to people who deserve it?

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