If you don't know Terri, you are missing out. Terri is a Q listener who lost both legs in a terrible accident. She stood for the first time since the accident.


Terri lost both of her legs above the knee (BAKA - bilateral above knee amputee). She was picking up her dry cleaning in Portland when a car driven by an elderly man hit her and cut off both legs...

It's been a hell of a journey.

A journey that Terri approaches with the same enthusiasm that she won all those prizes on the Q with! I have been following Terri's journey with her family and co-workers as they update me on what is happening..

Her family and co-workers (she works at Preti Flaherty in our building) are all so excited that Terri stood for the first time! She has 'stubbies' to help her get around. She is also looking forward to a boot camp for those with bilateral above knee amputations...BAKA. The video from Nicolina Lee is both inspiring and ohhhh so Terri:

Her GoFundMe page continues to do well, as family, friends and total strangers help Terri adjust to a brand new life.

I love what Terri wrote on her GoFundMe page:

The accident changed my life but it’s not the end; it’s the beginning of something new. We should treat the horrible things in life with the same respect we handle the best things in life. We can all get through anything - it may be a moment of tragedy but doesn’t have to become your mindset forever.  Be nice to everyone you meet. You never know what someone is going through.


If you can help, it would be appreciated. And if you can't - that's totally understandable...please share so that others might have a chance to meet and help Terri.  Thanks.

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