Here's what I learned being a 'celebrity' waiter for the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Services. I'm a lousy waiter, but boy did I have fun.


First and foremost, kudos to Kirsten from Food City who was my partner in crime (on my left in photo) . She had her own table (we thought we would be paired!) and she rocked it. I know she made well over 300 in tips...even though they had her name as Kristen and said she was from 'Food Town'.

The celebrities were everyone from Sharon Rose-Vasnis to Mamie Nay, the Auburn librarian. And they were all amazing.

Jeff Peterson
Jeff Peterson

Did you know that Sharon can sing with her mouth closed? Yup.

My weird mouth trick got over 300 dollars! I performed it on stage.

I sang 'Meat or Cheese' by request of the Lewiston Fire Chief, Brian Stockdale and The Lewiston Police Chief, Brian O'Malley who paid 20 bucks to get the bidding started. This was toward the end of the night and Mike Chavel from the Maine State Police sang with me. I'm pretty sure he was there to sing with me and not arrest me.

My table was Key Bank with Lynda and Paul on their second date. She was a bad influence that Lynda. More on that in a second. Lisa and David, Neil and Ashley, Melissa and Mike and Morgan (boss lady) and I think her husband. I kept screwing up their orders. I was a terrible waiter.

I had a fabulous time with my table of Key Bankers...and I may have had a shot of Fireball to help with my waiting. And then I totally know I had another one because Lynda bought it for me. She also wanted me to go out play pool with them after, but I stuck around and then was just too pooped. This is the note she left me.

Lynda...I love the poopers out of you too! And I loved being a celebrity waiter! Even though (and all of my table will confirm) I'm a terrible waiter.

Despite me, they raised...


That's 4,000 more dollars than they have ever raised in the past! Well...I know it wasn't me!

Thank you for having me Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Services. I'm glad it was so successful!





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