You may think the days of video arcades in Maine are long gone. Sure, LaVerdiere's Drug Stores that had an arcade tucked in a corner of the store are gone, but there are still some great places to play both classic and modern games in Maine. Here are 5 of the best.


Since Spare Time Entertainment took over the former Yankee Lanes on Riverside Street in Portland, they have made a lot of improvements including a new and spacious arcade. You won't find anything in the way of classics here, but if your kids love games that give you tickets for prizes (and what kids don't) there are dozens of fun games to choose from.


Some arcades have stood the test of time, including the next two on our list. Palace Playland's Arcade on the beach in Old Orchard Beach has remained for decades. The games have gotten more modern, but they still have some classics as well.


Also standing the test of time is Fun-O-Rama at York Beach. Something about having an arcade at the ocean just seems right, and Fun-O-Rama has everything from classics to pinball to skeeball. It looks a little like it's still 1982 inside.


Every mall in Maine had an arcade in the 80's and today, the Auburn Mall still does. Family Time Dine and Play has something for everyone, including a great lineup of pinball machines. Games, tickets, pizza. Everything you need in a classic location.


This one is for the adults who are still kids and want to enjoy a fine selection of local brews while trying to rescue Pauline from Donkey Kong. Arcadia not only has classic arcade games and pinballs, they have both classic and modern console video games hooked up to TVs around the bar. If the kids still really want to go, they are all ages on Saturdays from noon to 4.


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