There's an entertainment center in Massachusetts that rivals some of the largest in the country with a huge arcade, mini-golf, indoor go-karts, golf simulators, and virtual reality games. That's just the tip of the iceberg of all the great things there that make a trip worth the drive.

Apex Entertainment is a company that opened its original location in Marlborough, Massachusetts, in 2017, and has created a franchise with the addition of locations in Syracuse and Albany, New York.

The Marlborough location has the space equivalent to two football fields, and they pack a lot into it.

Apex feels like an indoor amusement park with rides, games, food, and adult beverages.

The arcade has over 70 arcade games. Not much in the way of classics like Pac-Man or Donkey Kong. These are redemption games, where you can win tickets for prizes. It's a little like a casino, where you're hoping for a big payout so you aren't stuck with only enough tickets for a pencil.

They have a modern version of the traditional bumper cars. These look like giant inner-tubes with a seat, steering levers, and neon lights. It looks super fun!

Apex's rope course lets you walk like you're on a tightrope high above the floor, securely strapped in with a harness.

There are all kinds of other great attractions like bowling, laser tag, mini-golf, pool tables, and simulators for golf and other sports.

But can we talk about this giant pretzel? It's the size of a pizza!

The giant pretzel alone makes this worth the trip for me. Here's the story behind its creation.

Apex Entertainment is at 21 Apex Drive in Marlborough, Massachusetts, and is about a two-hour drive from the Portland, Maine, area. Get more info on this amazing place at

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