When I saw another photo of yet another car hitting the famous pole at the Auburn Walmart after one hit it just last week, I thought that this can't be happening. That's too soon right? Turns out it wasn't in Auburn this time but it was at a Walmart.

This photo is the latest of mishaps where drivers in Auburn take the turn too sharply, drive over lanes clearly striped indicating you can't drive or park there and then manage to wedge a pole that now has a stop sign on it, right into their driver's side front wheel. Worse yet, sometimes they hit it head-on or even flip the car over.

Courtesy Kaitlyn St Peter
Courtesy Kaitlyn St Peter

All of Maine is baffled when they see it happen because there should be no way to miss these poles.

Well, it's not just the Auburn, Maine Walmart where this happens. Check out this picture posted by the Leicester, Massachusettes Police Department and taken at their local Walmart.

This seems to be brand new to them as opposed to the Auburn Police Department which has been dealing with the Walmart Pole Epidemic, or WPE, for several years now.

This driver almost looks like they were trying to jump right over the pole but were unable to stick the landing. Safe bet their insurance rate is going up.

Welcome to the Walmart Pole Crashing Club Leicester, where no one ever walks away hurt except for their pride. Oh, and if you try to do something to make the pole less likely to be hit, let us know if it works because there hasn't been any luck with that up here.

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