It's a life lesson I learned in the second grade when I made fun of Gordon White for getting glasses - then got mine two weeks nice to everyone!

Matt Buckland was on his way to his job at a venture capital firm in London. He's in charge of hiring. Later that day a familiar face came in for an interview. It was a guy who had pushed Matt to get on the 'tube' (train for non Englanders) and then proceeded to tell Matt to 'f himself'.

At first the guy didn't recognize Matt, but Matt was nice enough to remind him about their morning commute. Amazingly, he did not hold it against this guy and interviewed him. They were even able to laugh about it at the end. However, he did not get the job.

Just a NEVER know when the person you just told to go 'f themselves' may really help you. So, it might be hard, but always be nice. I think of Gordon White every day.

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