Kwame is the Brand Manager at Q97.9 in Portland. Kwame has a perspective on the events of Portland that most of Maine does not.

Kwame is an African-American and has some thoughts about the protests that are not only happening throughout the country, but right here in Portland.


He did confess that if a cop is behind him, there is a thought, albeit tiny, that he may not make it home alive. If you are white, you experience a privilege that blacks don't have and never will. You may not think you do, but merely by the color of your skin you do. So what can you do?

If you have kids, or kids in your life -- talk to them frankly about the protests. Talk to them about George Floyd and how he died. The only way behavior changes is through a revolution, and according to Kwame, '...revolutions are messy.'

Yes they are.

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