Since 2004 Bingas has been a top destination in Maine for sports fans to go and watch a game while dining on some of the best food around. They have moved locations to better serve their growing fan base, opened other locations and have been listed on CNN's 101 Best Sports Bars in the U.S.

Their food is always great and you can get their wings flavored from savory smoked salt and vinegar to sweet peanut butter and jelly (don't knock 'em til you try 'em!) And just about every flavor in between.

And like all great sports bars Bingas has food challenges such as the '08 Fire Sauce challenge. The '08 Fire Sauce is a tribute to the original Bingas location in Portland that burned down in 2008. According to their menu; "The ‘08 Fire is a ridiculously red-hot-burn sauce that simply isn’t appropriate for most people. It makes women scream and grown men cry. EXTREME!" And they aren't even exaggerating. Just a whiff of this sauce will singe your nose hairs! I believe it's required to wear protective gloves during this challenge.

Still there are people who try to tackle this tongue melting challenge, but very few have ever completed it. Most recently this brave guy who really didn't know what he was getting himself into. You can actually pinpoint the exact moment when his soul catches fire. I can almost feel the burn watching this video from June 4th.

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