An owl wandered a little too far from home this week when it was found on the streets of Portland's Old Port.

The Maine Souvenir Shop shared a photo on social media of a northern saw-whet owl standing on what looks like a sidewalk in the Old Port. If you ask me, and you didn't, it looks a lot like a Furby.

According to Wikipedia, Northern saw-whet owls are one of the smallest types of owls found in North America and make their home in the dense thickets across New England, other northern U.S. states and Canada.

What I found fascinating about these owls, is they can hunt their prey in total darkness using their hearing only. Because of the shape of their ears, sound reaches each ear at a different time and intensity. That allows them to precisely pinpoint where their prey is and swoop down and grab it in the dark before that prey even knows what's happening.

Since this Northern saw-whet owl wandered out of its usual habitat and was roaming the streets of the Old Port, Avian Haven in Freedom Maine was called in to capture him and bring him back to the woods where he belongs.

This beautiful picture of the owl was taken by Kevin Ouellette who owns The Maine Souvenir Shop on the corner of Fore and Exchange Street in the Old Port. His Instagram page has some beautiful photos of other animals too, most of which you typically won't find here in Maine, but will find at the Phoenix Zoo.

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