I don’t know about you but I struggle daily with dancing fever. Throughout my day I am tapping my toes, bopping my head, and itching to get down and funky on a dance floor.

Sometimes I even put my car on cruise control just so I can swang those hips. I may have a problem but I could be into worse things.

Part of my weekly routine is hitting up Google to find out where I can dance in Portland, Maine tonight as if the list ever changes. A new place or two have popped up but we mostly have a handful of OG spots that have been holding it down for years.

Where you choose to move and grove depends on what vibe you’re looking for. Are you whipping out the stanky leg to a mix of old school and new hip-hop at Oasis, or are you loosening up those shoulders and hips to some disco at Bubba’s?

Whatever your taste, we’ve got a spot for you to dance the night away (or at least until they cue "Closing Time").

Here are the best spots in town to let loose for a night on the dance floor:

Best Dance Spots in Portland, Maine to Get Your Groove On

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