Binga's Windham has had some funny signs in the past but recently another Windham business has gotten into the act and the war of words has begun.

We're not sure how the feud started but we hope it never ends. In November, White Knuckle Kustoms in Windham posted this sign in response to something..

It could have something to do with "someone" messing around with their sign late at night..

That "someone" is believed to be Mike Harris, owner of Binga's and one heck of a sign maker.

Binga's responded to WKK with a funny sign of their own..

Hopefully, this is just getting started! It's innocent and fun and keeps the people driving along Roosevelt Trail smiling and wondering what's next?

The fun guys at WKK even went so far as to park their trailer in Binga's lot one morning..

The most recent battle has to go to Binga's and their response to the December 7th sign from WKK..

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