This parody song is for everyone who is tired of dealing with whatever controversy is tearing up the internet each week.

Every week we log onto our social media accounts and get bombarded by the next thing we need to be outraged about.

Strangers on the internet tell us what we need to be angry at in the name of digital justice. Most of the time the stories are fabricated controversies designed to rile up the masses (and get a lot of page views.)

The "Red Starbucks Cup Controversy" tried to convince us that disposable cups somehow represented the spirituality of our nation and we should all be angry for some reason. Just another fake story to rile up conservative Christians and exploit them for profit.

Some of us have had enough. This song from WCYY in Portland, based on "Red Solo Cup" by Toby Keith, perfectly captures how ridiculous our non-stop outrage is.

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