Let's be honest, it doesn't take much for something to blow up on Twitter, especially if it is about a new hit TV show.

If you are into video games or just post-apocalyptic TV shows, then you may have started to watch "The Last of Us" on HBO Max starring Pedro Pascal from "The Mandalorian."

After an outbreak, some citizens are turned into zombie-like creatures, and yes, there are different types. Well, thanks to this so-called outbreak, the world as we know it changes for the worst. There are quarantine zones and you most likely wouldn't be able to find a Dunkin' anywhere nearby.

Anyway, one of the locations that the show (and game) focuses on is Boston, MA. Not going to lie it is pretty cool that part of New England made it in. However, this gives New Englanders the chance to complain and question some of the show's choices.

Episode 3 came out on January 29th, and the Twitter world is in an uproar about one little scene (if you can even call it a scene).

So, what was this so-called "scene?" Well, it was a shot "10 Miles West of Boston" where you see a river, forest trees, and...mountains.

User Hannah Gais took to Twitter to post a picture of the scene and wrote "getting belligerently angry when “the last of us” tries to claim that a mountainous terrain that’s clearly northwestern is “10 miles west of boston."

I mean, where do they think mountains really are 10 miles in any direction of Boston?

But, let's take a look at the facts. What is actually 10 miles west of Boston? The answer is Moody Street in Waltham, MA. It is safe to say, that there are no mountains in Waltham.

I mean, they could have tried to make the scene look more like the Charles River and I'm sure audience members from New England would have responded better.

It did not take long for this Twitter post to get over 500 replies, some actually amusing (but honestly what you would most likely find close to 10 miles west of Boston).

One user responded with a picture of a Market Basket while another posted a picture of a Dunkin'.

One Twitter user even brought up a very valid point that "even speeding on 93 it’s flat for 3 hours (the actual NH mountains are a long way away!)." It seriously takes time to see mountains if you are in Massachusetts, so the question is, why take New England viewers out of the show and in a state of confusion?

Even though the scenery may not match Boston (or surrounding areas) perfectly, "The Last of Us" is still a great show that you can catch Sundays at 9 pm on HBO.

If you are all caught up, here is a preview of what to expect in episode 4.

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