Have you heard of fidget spinners? If you are a parent and haven't...you will. And if you are a teacher, you already hate them. 

Scoot over bottle flipping, there's a new thing driving everyone crazy - the fidget spinner.

Manufacturers say that these toys aren't just fun to play with, but can also help people with ADHD, anxiety and autism.

Forbes magazine named fidget spinners the office toy of the year for 2017.

Here's the toy of the year in action:

As with all crazes, kids are obsessed with these things and because they are distracting (hard to do school work when you are spinning away) they have been banned by some classrooms.

it's not just enough to spin the thing, it's all about learning tricks with them.

So...do you have one, is it annoying, is it banned in your kid's classroom?




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