Starting a couple weeks ago, Portland Police were inundated with calls and emails from concerned residents about an animal attacking domesticated pets in the North Deering neighborhood. According to NewsCenterMaine, residents described this predatory animal as some sort of coyote or wolf hybrid. Photos and videos of the animal were shared on social media and it put many residents on high alert. But the sightings have cooled off over the past couple weeks leading many to wonder if the hybrid animal had found its way back to more suitable terrain. In some ways, the answer is yes.

Via Adam MacDonald
Via Adam MacDonald

Shared with us by Adam MacDonald, he spotted the hybrid WolfCoyDog lurking through the Evergreen Cemetery in Portland just a few days ago. Macdonald stated that he "was walking through the foggy cemetery when I noticed something to my right out of the corner of my eye. That's when I locked eyes with the animal for a good ten seconds. I wasn’t sure what to think. Then I quietly walked away in the other direction. He was still and silent the whole time. He seemed too big to be a coyote. He was the size of a large dog, but almost wolfish in appearance. It was kind of eerie and cool to spot him in the cemetery. My friend said if she had seen him, she would have died of a heart attack and been at the right place at the wrong time."

As if the idea of an indistinguishable dog-like animal wasn't enough of a nightmare for you, the idea that the animal may be making their home at a resting spot for the dead should send a small chill down your spine. Just in time for Halloween is the scare that nobody really asked for in Portland.

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