It's always exciting when a big name network or newspaper gives New England a shoutout.

A recent New York Times Instagram post highlights The Restaurant List, featuring 50 restaurants across the country that the paper is most excited about right now. Four New England spots - two in Maine, two in Massachusetts - made it on this prestigious list, which is quite the honor.

So, let's take a look at these places and see what they're all about.

#1- Dear Annie in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Dear Annie is a new establishment offering "a selection of fine + rare natural wine and pescatarian fare," according to their website. They also have special Monday night pizza nights.

#2- Leeward in Portland, Maine

Just a short walk away from the Cross Insurance Arena and the Portland Museum of Art is Leeward, a new Italian restaurant with a "fondness for fresh pasta."  Who doesn't love pasta?

#3- Neptune Oyster in Boston, Massachusetts

Situated in the North End of Boston near the Paul Revere House, Neptune Oyster is a popular seafood restaurant and oyster bar. They've also got amazing buttered lobster rolls.

#4- Twelve in Portland, Maine

Shoutout Portland for having two establishments on the list. Twelve prides itself on being a truly Maine establishment by offering "modern New England dining in a historic waterfront setting, inspired by Maine's landscape and natural bounty."

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