The Twelve Days of Christmas is a traditional Christmas song that is over 200 years old. What exactly does it all mean? Who gives someone a partridge in a pear tree? How does that even work? We may not know the reasoning behind the song, but it's still not Christmas without it.

However, The Portland Police Department has its own version of the 12 Days of Christmas that, while not traditional, does reflect what officers deal with year-round.

Officer Jeremy Turner performed his own rendition of The 12 Days of Christmas, which was originally posted on Facebook in 2019, but 'tis the season and it made a return recently.

Officer Turner sure has got the pipes for singing. Rather than sing his rendition cumulatively, as each verse builds upon the other like in the original, Officer Turner gets right to all 12 verses, because nobody has time for one day at a time.

Check it out!

Right on point! I particularly enjoyed the last verse where his police report is waiting while he wrote the song. This is becoming quite the Christmas tradition itself!

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