After spending a large part of the year in prehistoric times, the Portland Science Center is ready to hit the high seas in a captivating new exhibit about REAL pirates! It's an exhibition from National Geographic and will explore the real-life tale of a pirate ship called the Whydah, the first pirate ship ever discovered in U.S. waters.

The exhibit is set to open on May 26th and promises both adults and children a chance to look at what they've always known about pirates and what the true life story really is. There will be chests full of treasures on display, an up close and personal look at the weaponry that made pirates famous as well as other artifacts that have been discovered on the ocean floor over the course of the last 30 years.

It's a chance to discover the difference between Captain Jack Sparrow and the REAL captain of the Whydah.

The Portland Science Center is located at 68 Commercial Street in downtown Portland. Advance tickets are available for purchase.

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