Way back in 2016, Krispy Kreme announced that it was heading to Maine with its first location set to open in Auburn. Since that time, a lot has gone down. Saco beat Auburn to the finish line as the first city in Maine to have a location of the doughnut franchise, and the Auburn location has seen delay after delay when it comes to a grand opening. But it appears things have changed...

Reddit via Migit408
Reddit via Migit408

Shared on Reddit by migit408, Krispy Kreme in Auburn put up their first now hiring sign just a few days ago. Franchisee Cort Mendez stated back in October that when the location was preparing to open, they would be working on a hiring blitz. Maybe we're being presumptuous, but hiring blitz + signage probably equals...opening soon?

It was late-October when Mendez said design flaws would delay the opening of the Auburn location until 2018, so that vague timeframe is still in play. But perhaps Lewiston/Auburn's excitement can be ramped up again, because it appears that Krispy Kreme will FINALLY open in the twin cities at the turn of the new year.

As with the Saco location, there is expected to be a grand opening event. When it opens, the Auburn location will be Maine's 2nd Krispy Kreme.

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