The Whiskey Barrel located on Hanover Street in Portland has been a go-to spot since they opened 2019. The open-concept establishment was the perfect set-up for live country entertainment. Not to mention over 30 different whiskeys.

After seeing lots of success through 2019 The Whiskey Barrel began to evolve. They recognized that they were being limited by their initial country theme. So they widened their entertainment to all genres, not just country.

Monday night, The Whiskey Barrel took to social media for a big announcement. After a year of evolution, they made the decision to ditch "The Whiskey Barrel" name entirely as it felt limiting to the scope of what they were offering.

Enter The Yard, a live entertainment and burger bar. The Yard is a complete rebrand. In their social media post, they said that the new name better "suits the type of establishment we have become," and notes upcoming new additions to the establishment. They are adding a full kitchen featuring gourmet smashed burgers, adding TVs, a courtyard, and a roof deck. According to their website, the big renovations should be complete this spring.

Very exciting changes indeed, can't wait to see what The Yard will offer once the projects are complete. See you in "The Yard"!

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