New Hampshire Icons

As a Mainer, I always look fondly at my New Hampshire neighbor. Like a sibling rivalry, we sometimes poke fun at each other.

And you know what? That's okay because at the end of the day we are both united in our distaste for Massachusetts drivers. (Kidding...kind of)

Personally, when I think of New Hampshire I think of Mount Washington, the Old Man in the Mountain (RIP), the world's largest arcade, Funspot, and Adam Sandler. Apparently, chicken tenders should be added to that list.

Origin Story

USA Today tells the story of Manchester restaurant Puritan which has been a local institution since it was opened by Greek immigrants in 1917. Greek cuisine certainly isn't synonymous with chicken tenders but they sure are at this eatery.

Even today, Puritan's tendies are the most popular dish featuring 4 flavors; regular, spicy, Buffalo, and coconut.

According to family legend, the chicken tender didn't come about until 1974. The restaurant found themselves with strips of chicken leftover from chicken breasts. So they marinated them, fried them up, and they have been around ever since.

Summer 2022 Celebration

The city of Manchester has a ton of pride in being the birthplace of chicken tenders. SO much so local MiLB team, the Manchester Fisher Cats, will, for one game only, become the Manchester Chicken Tenders.

In honor of the local origins, fans of baseball and chicken tenders can order a team hat that comes in three "flavors"; classic, Buffalo, and Coconut. For more details on the hats and the upcoming 2022 season game, click here.

So, thank you Manchester, NH for the delicious gift that keeps on giving!

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