Beautiful summertime weather in Maine means the most popular beaches are packed with colorful towels and umbrellas covering every square inch of sand. This can pose an issue for those looking for a quiet seaside retreat in the sun. Unless you have a boat to get you to a remote sandbar or island along Maine's coast, finding a hidden unoccupied beach is nearly impossible. But what if Maine's coastal landscape was a natural deterrent for keeping crowds of beach folk away? There's one particular Maine beach that's only accessible by first climbing over a mountain.

I'm not in the business of revealing Maine's most secret, secluded, and beloved spots but this one deserves a little attention. Seawall Beach is located on the other side of Morse Mountain in Phippsburg, Maine. There's a parking lot for limited vehicles on the mainland side. Once full, no more cars filled with beach-seeking hikers are allowed past the gates.

The 3-ish mile hike isn't terribly challenging, but it's enough to keep the casual beach bums away. The peak of the mountain is one of the highest points along Maine's midcoast and provides breathtaking views of the ocean and marshes. Once on the other side, you'll find an empty (or mostly empty) Seawall Beach.

There are no dogs, umbrellas, or frisbees allowed on the beach (but you probably won't want to carry those along the trail anyway). Once there, mind the protected species of birds in the dune grass and setup your chair in the sun. Soak in the solace of an empty beach, you've earned it after the hike. It may be a secret beach, but some of Maine's best secrets are meant to be shared.

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