New England Winter Conditions

We're officially into the time of year that is pretty much an even split in New England. Some Mainers and Granite Staters absolutely thrive during winter conditions, regardless of how annoying clearing a massive dumping of snow can be (and how more annoying driving around other people in it can be.)

Because regardless of the annoyance, the season brings endless fresh powder, which means a full (and hopefully successful) ski, board, or tubing season.

And if all goes well, within the next week, one of New England's most popular mountains for beginners and experienced skiers and boarders to shred down will be open for the 2023-2024 season.

Alex DeLuca via Facebook
Alex DeLuca via Facebook

Gunstock Mountain in Gilford, NH

According to the official website for the mountain, if all goes well and there are no issues or interruptions, Gunstock Mountain in Gilford, New Hampshire, will be open for the season next Friday, December 8.

With such a lack of snow so far throughout New England -- granted, we're still early on in December -- Gunstock, according to their website,

[has been] busy making snow every chance [they] get while putting the final touches on [their] capital improvements for the season ahead.

Gunstock Mountain Night Skiing

While many are familiar with spending the early morning and afternoon hours doing runs down mountains, there is something to be said for hitting the trails during the night time for some run, as well. And the proof is in the pictures provided by Gunstock employee, Alex DeLuca, on Facebook in the u Local New Hampshire group.

These 15 Photos of Gunstock at Night Will Make You Want to Night Ski

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