Why is it so often as we scroll through social media we see so many negative things? Whatever happened to the good things in the world? Turns out, they never left and this is just what we love to see right now.

The Baileyville Police Department posted a photo to their Facebook page on Friday of three boys with shovels. Police Chief Robert Fitzsimmons was out patrolling when he asked these boys what they were doing. They told him they were going around town shoveling people out during the storm. His reply is the best. "Have I told you guys that I love you today?" he said. The boys seemed to be taken aback replying "Um...no."

All on their own, these three were out helping the people in their community, clearing snow. Not something you see every day, but so amazing when you do.

Cheif Fitzsimmons was not going to let this good deed go unrewarded, so all three of them are going to feast on a huge pizza.

I love this so much. This is perfectly Maine and specifically, a perfectly small-town Maine. Baileyville has a population of just around 1500 people, so you know that everyone knows each other and I'm sure these three kids are the talk of the town right now. Heck, they're likely to be the talk of New England after popping up on social media. Maybe even the country. Today show? Are you reading this?

But that's not all to love about this most recent storm in Maine.

The Windham Police Department posted this photo of a Stormtrooper snow blowing a sidewalk. Underneath the helmet is Windham resident Ben Hidell who if he was riding a tauntaun instead, it would have frozen before he reached the first marker. If you don't get that, ask a Star Wars fan.

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