I know I'm not the only one who hates adulting. Whether it be figuring out my health insurance, gearing up for taxes, opening a new bank account or any other grown up task that fills me with dread, sometimes I just need a minute to escape.

When I find myself in need of a quick brain drain and don't have time to Netflix and chill, I go to my other happy place: Instagram. I'm not saying my friends' updates are always filled with relaxing content; I follow a fair amount of comedians and meme accounts that can give me a good laugh, but in these moments I'm looking more for a deep-breaths, mental-massage kind of relief. Luckily, I've collected a list of go-to accounts that for whatever reason soothe me when nothing else will. Behold!

1. The gorgeously organized photos of @witenry

This account makes me think I may have borderline Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. His eye-pleasing organization of everyday objects will have you wondering two things: "Why do these pictures make me feel so good?" and "How does @witenry have so much time on his hands?"

2. The mesmerizing letter artwork of @stefankunz

I'm a sucker for time lapse videos, and these are some of the best. When you're feeling insufficient in life, @Stefankunz's fast-forward artwork will have you feeling productive AF.

3. The sweeping watercolor strokes of @monvoirco

Between her graceful brush strokes, her relationship with her mom (often showcased in her Instagram stories), and the fact that she studied Psychology in undergrad and switched gears years later to paint for a living, artist Jenna Rainey is my ultimate woman crush. Watercolor is a mesmerizing art form in itself, and watching her flow on and off the canvas always makes me feel like no matter how chaotic life may feel, you can always zero in on your passion, work hard, and pull it all together.

4. The beautiful messes of @anettelabedzki

First you think it's an Ego. Then you think it's clay. Then it starts melting and blending and you realize it's ACRYLIC PAINT that's been frozen in an Ego mold! This account brings out the inner child and reminds me that my favorite thing about painting has always been the mixing part. It gives you all the guilty pleasure of making a mess without any of the headache of cleaning it up.

5. The soothing calligraphy of @honeydarko

Finally, with unique artistic processes using tape, sponges, plastic sheets and more, @honeydarko surprises me in a new relaxing way with every post. Nothing gives me peace of mind more than seeing a pretty thing made from scratch and finished off with a flourish of calligraphy.

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