I recently asked Michele to pick up something for me at the store and when I opened it, this is what I saw.

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I absolutely love gum drops. Give me a bag of those and I could easily plow through them in no time. It's an addiction. I have a few and immediately want to go back for more.

In this case though, this is just wrong. These may look like gum drops, feel like gumdrops and taste like gum drops, but my friends, these are NOT gum drops.

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That's right. It's only man Parsons's men's multi vitamin. I typically buy the generic version of One-A-Day in pill form, but of course Michele didn't know what I bought when I asked her to pick some up for me. I should have clarified.

The problem is the daily dosage is 2, but they taste so good I want to eat the whole bottle! Since when did we all become a bunch of babies who don't want to swallow a pill? We aren't children. We can handle this. When I look at the multivitamin aisle, more than half of them are chewable and look exactly like candy.

Can you overdoes on vitamins? Let me Google that real quick.

Luckily I've been good at resisting the temptation to take more of the vitamins in disguise. As soon as I finish this bottle, it's back to the pills before I lose my self control.