When you look at homes in Maine, they have a kind of character that other places in the country don't. There are many homes that are nearly 100 years old and can take you back in time just looking at them. That might be why a recent study found that one particular style of home is preferred more than any other in Maine and no other state ranks it most preferred.

The website HomeAdvisor surveyed a little over 2200 Americans during the second week of May to ask them about their preferences for the style of a house, with millennials making up 45% of those surveyed. When they counted up the responses for each state, they got just about every home style imaginable, but we're just concerned about the states here in New England since that's where we live.

Here's the breakdown of each New England state's favorite style of home:

Rhode Island: Not Available

Connecticut: Cottage

Massachusetts: Contemporary

Vermont: Victorian

New Hampshire: Victorian

Maine: Cape Cod

The interesting thing about the results is Maine is the only state in the country that prefers the Cape Cod style house. It's purely a New England thing, but they are everywhere in Maine, even modern-day Cape Cod style homes.

Winter Snow Craftman Cape Cod Style Home

I do have my doubts about the very small sample size here. There are over 332 million people living in the United States, and they only surveyed 2200 people? If my math is correct, that's just 0.00007% of the population of the country, so take this survey for what it's worth.

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