Portland is home to talented creators, artists, and musicians from near and far proud to call Maine their home, a unique and quaint state that loves to showcase its residents’ brilliance.

While Portland boasts many events, venues, and places to promote art all year round every day of the week, there’s an especially unique day every month where creatives and appreciators can come together and bask in what brings us all together.

First Friday Art Walk in Portland, Maine

Since the year 2000, the first Friday of every month welcomes Portland’s First Friday Art Walk, a time when Portland’s artists, galleries, musicians, and venues open up their doors to the community in an inclusive and vibrant event.

August’s first Friday is happening this week on August 5 and the art walk will be held from 5-8 p.m. with multiple local businesses and organizations involved. Presented by Creative Portland, the mission of the event is:

“To open the doors of Portland’s arts community by joining together and introducing a wider audience to the unique vitality of the artists and venues of Portland, promoting interest with non-exclusivity and easy access, thereby strengthening the arts and community through diversity and celebration.”

The colorful and immersive night allows you to take self-guided tours through Portland's art galleries, studios, museums, and alternative art venues while walking through the streets with vendors, street artisans selling their masterpieces, and local musicians bringing a sweet sound to the cobblestone and bricks.

The monthly arts and cultural event is centered primarily in Portland's Art District with many places involved such as Gallery at the Hay, Moss Galleries, Maine College of Art & Design, The Press Hotel, and Portland Museum of Art, just to name a few. You can view the entire map and list of participants here:


There is so much to hear, see, experience, and immerse yourself in throughout the night. Follow the map for a self-guided tour or hit the streets with no plan in mind except to follow the sound of the music, the sights of the art, and the community energy that is palpable, vibrant, and positive.

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