Christmastime in Portland

Last winter was my first holiday season working in Portland. Each day I delighted in the twinkling lights and of course, the star of the show, the giant tree in Monument Square.


Monument Square Tree

Like many, I was truly touched by the tale of last year's tree.

Last year the city of Portland asked Hilary Carr Shorey if she'd be willing to donate a stunning tree in her yard. She agreed and the day it was being removed she was approached by a lady that explained that Shorey's home was built by her parents and she grew up there. Her mom always dreamed of one of her trees ending up in Monument Square. Earlier in the year, she passed away but her daughter was delighted that her mom's dream had come true.

Tree Hunt 2021

For 2021 Portland Downtown and the City of Portland are teaming up to find this year's perfect tree and it could be one in your backyard!

They are looking for a 45-60 foot tall evergreen, spruce, or fir tree, that's relatively accessible from either Portland, South Portland, Cape Elizabeth, Scarborough, Gorham, Westbrook, Falmouth, Cumberland, or Yarmouth.


If you think you have the perfect tree, take a few pictures and submit them for consideration here as soon as possible.

Best of luck getting your tree into Monument Square for the holiday season 2021!

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