I love April Fool's day; it's one of my favorite non-holiday holidays. I especially love that companies have begun engaging in their own pranks in recent years, even if it is a grand marketing scheme. Better a clever, entertaining charade than a regular old advertisement!

This one may be among my most favorite this year. Rent the Runway is a company dedicated to collecting insanely expensive designer clothing (think: fancy-ass dresses and bougie skirts) and larger-than-life jewelry and renting them to women for affordable prices. Thursday, they unfurled a new take on their business plan: Rent the Runway for Dogs!

Just think: you and your precious Fido could strut down that street in matching gingham, or complementary dress and tuxes. Have you ever wanted anything more? I may have only ever dressed my own dog in a red sox tshirt before, but looking at some of the outfits they had to offer makes me want to up my doggy-donning game.


After scrolling through a handful of beautifully coordinated girls and their dogs, you reach the bottom of their website and their subsequent confession: It was all a joke!

BUT - and this is my favorite part - sign the petition and they'd consider expanding the company to canine clothing for reals! It may just be an age-old safety net for rolling out a potentially ridiculous idea, yeah. Like when that nerd Joel asked you out in fourth grade, you said no, and he laughed way too hard and said he was joking and you fell for it.

Real funny, Joel. No. But Rent the Runway, yes yes yes!

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