If you ever wanted to get up close and personal with deer in the wild, this cabin in Lang Township is for you.

Langtown Outfiters & Guide Service rents cabins in Lang Township in Franklin County for people that enjoy the rural outdoors. If you hunt, fish, snowmobile or ATV, this is the place for you.

Ryan Hutchinson and Caitlin Henderson rented a cabin this past weekend and were visited throughout their stay by deer coming to feed. Apparently people that rent the cabin have been feeding the deer corn which makes them come for a visit on a regular basis. Caitlin said that they had up to 50 deer just outside the cabin at one point.

Ryan Hutchinson/Caitlin Henderson

4-year-old Waylon and Ruger the dog were enjoying watching the deer that came right up to the door to peek inside. Waylon even got to feed the deer some corn. They clearly are not afraid of humans at this point.

Ryan Hutchinson/Caitlin Henderson

These are the moments that a lot of people in Maine never get to experience. Ruger couldn't get enough.

Ryan Hutchinson/Caitlin Henderson

If you want to get up close and personal with deer in the wild, be prepared to get about as rural in Maine as you can get. Here it is on the map.

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Lang Township Lang Outfitters & Guide Service is owned by Mert & Carol Buzzell who are both registered Maine Guides. They have this cabin available for rent and are in the process of building a second.