Have you ever dreamed of living in a multi-million dollar home in Maine? For most of us, unless you are one of the many celebrities who have bought homes here in Maine or have found another way to make a salary in the millions of dollars, that hope will always be a dream.

That doesn't mean we can't look in and see how the rich live now does it?

I was curious what the most expensive home for sale in Maine as of September 29, 2022 was, so I went to the real estate website Zillow for the answer.  I did a search for homes $10 million or more and only got one result, so it had to be the most expensive currently listed.

LandVest, Inc.via Zillow
LandVest, Inc.via Zillow

This home at 45 Milliken Road in Bar Harbor, Maine sits on 9.25 acres of land and is listed by LandVest Real Estate out of Portland which specializes in selling luxury homes.

It has four bedrooms, four and a half baths, a finished basement, a dock on the water of Frenchman Bay, a deck, a patio and screened porch. It was built in 1993 with a two-car garage with an efficiency apartment over it.

The views are beautiful as is the house itself.

If you're interested, the current asking price that puts it as the most expensive home for sale as of September of 2022 is a cool $11,200,000. That 11 million with an M. If you were to buy it, your monthly payment is estimated to be about $67,500. Many of us don't make that in a year, but take a look inside of the most expensive home in Maine and dream a little bit.

Take a Look at The Most Expensive Home For Sale in Maine as of September

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