Found myself at Applebee's on Saturday night and it was the craziest night...


It happened to be Veteran's Day. Applebee's in South Portland (over near Target) was packed. But we found 3 seats at the bar and took them. It was me, Jen and Chloe (12).

I got there first and sat down. Lisa the bartender asked me if I was a vet. I told her I was not. Apparently, veterans eat free at Applebee's. That's pretty nice.

Across from me at the bar was an attractive blonde woman who instantly said,


She was a fan and said that she's been listening a long time and said,

God bless you!

Me? That's nice. All this activity before Jen and Chloe even came in. When they sat down, we all figured out what to eat...when all of a sudden two of the wait staff came over to me and said,

Listen. We love you and just wanted to come say hi.


I instantly suggested we take a selfie! They were super sweet. That was Emily and Joshua. Well...this night is going pretty well!

Then a vet, who was enjoying a free meal asks me, 'Did you work with Teddy McKay?' Uh, I sure did! Well, this guy Roger, worked with Teddy before he got into radio! He gave me his name and number and told me to forward it on. I'm on it!

Then Lisa (bartender...keep up) tells me AND Jen about her daughter. She prefaces it by telling me, that in case I don't think what we say on the radio matters - it does.

Her daughter was 14 when she came out and 16 when she realized that she has always felt like a boy. Her son is transgender and will legally change his name on December 7th to Cole. She says that people like me and Jen, being open about our relationship, made that easier.

Mind blown.

I'm speechless. Meanwhile, the attractive blonde from across the bar is leaving. Byes all around. She comes over and hugs me while saying, 'God bless you...'. So kind.

We finally wrap up our dinner, I say goodbye to Emily, Joshua and Lisa (the bartender). I ask for the check and she says, the woman sitting across from me paid for my meal. But only my meal, not the whole check. That made me giggle as I teased Jen and Chloe that they weren't famous enough.

I asked for her name...Kimberly. Kimberly something. Something French. Maybe Bouchard, but no one was sure and I wasn't the only tab she picked up.

I have never had a stranger by me dinner before. Ever. It was an amazing feeling and I just  want to thank Kimberly (do you know her?).


I thought about that night at Applebee's all weekend long...with a smile on my face.

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