It's back!

As Applebee's said on its website,

You're welcome America. You asked. We delivered. You're not dreaming.

Dollaritas (one-dollar margaritas) are back at Applebee's! It's time to meet up there!

Of course, it's a limited-time offer. But that limit is OCTOBER! There are 31 days in October, and this deal is good on every single one of them. However, don't think you're gonna order a dozen margaritas to-go. This is for dine-in only. And with such a deal, drinking responsibly is Applebee's top priority. But considering a margarita can run ya around ten bucks, this is one hell of a deal!

As one fan on Instagram commented,

Justice has finally been served.

Great news, now tell me where I can get this! Immediately! Mainers, you have 12 choices to get a dollar margarita.

  • Applebee's Portland - 1072 Brighton Avenue
  • Applebee's South Portland - 200 Running Hill Road
  • Applebee's Windham - 1 Amato Drive
  • Applebee's Brunswick - 11 Gurnet Road
  • Applebee's Biddeford - 550 Alfred Road
  • Applebee's Auburn - 599 Center Street
  • Applebee's Sanford - 1364 Main Street
  • Applebee's Oxford - 1591 Main Street
  • Applebee's Augusta - 136 Western Avenue
  • Applebee's Thomaston - 194 New County Road
  • Applebee's Waterville - 251 Kennedy Memorial Drive
  • Applebee's Bangor - 718 Hogan Road

Here's a game. How many of these Applebee's have you been to? I can knock four off the list. But I've never been when they've had the Dollarita! By the way, the margaritas are made with tequila, triple sec, and lime. I've come a long way. When I was a new drinker, I overdid it a bit with tequila and avoided it for a couple of decades. Then, a friend convinced me to try it one more time. Yup, enough time had passed, and now I can have margaritas. How convenient they are for only a buck!

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