We know it was a rough winter in Maine and that makes roads fall apart. If you hit any of those monster potholes this spring, you know just how bad it was. Luckily most of those have been repaired. The same can't be said for the railroad crossings.

The absolute worst one in Portland has to be on Forest Avenue at Morrill's corner. This is the crossing right near Scrub a Dub Car Wash. Unlike the crossing nearby on Allen Avenue that sees several trains daily including the Downeaster to Brunswick, this crossing doesn't seem much train traffic at all. When it does deliver cars to the few businesses on the other side of Forest Avenue, it actually stops before crossing so a conductor can get out to stop traffic so the train can proceed.

The winter weather has worn a lot of the pavement away from the rails making it very bumpy to cross.

So why have the potholes been repaired and not the crossing? Unlike potholes that are the responsibility of the town, city or state to repair, railroad crossing repair is the responsibility of the railroad. In this case it's Pan Am Railways, and they've been known to take their time getting around to crossing repair.

According to the Bangor Daily News it took the town of Newport five years of asking to get Pan Am Railways to come and repair two crossings in town that were in desperate need.

Now granted, this crossing isn't as bad as those were, but it's only going to get worse. Let's hope it gets fixed before someone loses a tire.

Is there a railroad crossing you've seen that you think is in rough shape and need of repair? Share it with us in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #mainerrcrossings


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