Barstool U on Twitter

For those unfamiliar with Barstool U, it’s a famous social media account and brand that provides constant content on universities, college life, sports, and shenanigans. Their Twitter account has hundreds of thousands of followers and their Instagram boasts more than 3 million.

It’s safe to say it is popular, well-loved, and highly shared. They definitely entertain the masses.

Whether it’s Tik Toks of drunken bastards up to absolutely no good or merely an update written in a humorous way on college basketball, the account is favored among college students who can relate and graduates who never wanted to graduate.

Top 50 Party Schools

Barstool U recently posted on Twitter an announcement declaring the Top 50 Party Schools in the country. There is no surprise that The University of Alabama came in as the #1 party school and we can blame their sports life and fanbase on that one. I’ve never personally been to an Alabama game but just from the footage I’ve seen… it gets pretty rowdy.



There are definitely some surprising schools on the list and some you can tell were just put on there for their tailgates. Others you merely assume are party schools just because of their location and big name. UCLA? You just KNOW they play hard.

The University of Maine Orono

The most surprising one hits home: The University of Maine Orono coming in hot at #22. Not only is it on the list which is impressive in itself, but it’s freaking #22! That is high up! This isn’t just a top 50 list of states, it’s out of all the schools in the U.S… that’s a lot to run up against and UMaine is holding it down.

So… What the heck have you Black Bears been up to in Orono? And do you even remember? I can’t personally speak for the UMaine party scene but apparently, they can’t either, if they’re #22 on the list then they’re probably partying hard enough for nights they don’t remember.

I, myself, attended the University of Miami which came in close behind UMaine at #30. Initially, I was shocked but I think it actually makes sense. Miami students party off campus because of the nightlife of the city and the UMaine kids have to party hardy at the college because there’s really not much to do in Orono. Plus, based on Instagram stories I peruse, they do throw some killer parties during the football season.

So, I've got some questions:

Are you a Black Bear? Can you attest to this? Can I crash on your couch after a tailgate?

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