Sandy Dion took to the U local New Hampshire Facebook page to share this photo of her son on a socially distanced date in Pembroke, New Hampshire. Personally, I think it is the sweetest thing I ever did see.

As you can see, Matt is letting his date sit in the warm covered trunk while he braves the storm. This is all to spend a few moments in her presence. Chivalry isn't dead, people!

This is a very interesting time if you are single and interacting with people on the dating apps. There is so much time for you to get to know each other before physically being able to touch that other person. This is like "Love is Blind" come to life. Just think of all the amazing love stories that are going to begin with, "Well, while we were in quarantine in 2020, we REALLY got to know each other."

If you are single in this time of social distancing, how has it impacted your dating life? Do you do first dates over zoom? FaceTime? Or is dating being put on hold until this all blows over?

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