At the bottom of Munjoy Hill in Portland is a tiny little coffee shop that has been open since 2017. Little Woodfords sadly will be serving their last cups on January 21.

Little Woodfords is owned by Andrew Zarro, who is also a Portland City Council member who was targeted with threats by anti-maskers back in January of 2022 for sponsoring a temporary mask mandate in Portland during the COVID-19 pandemic. He persevered and held his ground, but a year later made the decision to close Little Woodfords, though it doesn't appear to be related to those previous threats.

The announcement was posted on the Little Woodfords Instagram page on January 6:

We could continue on as-is, but deep down we know it is time to say farewell to little woodfords as it currently exists. So much has changed in the hospitality industry over the past few years, and it has become something so different from what we set out to do...


Thank you for sharing the best part of your day with us. Because we knew you, we have been reminded time and again that people are good and believe in a better world for everyone...

Lastly, thank you to the LGBTQ+ community for sharing our space. Queer spaces are so vital to the resiliency and well being of our community, and it has been a true honor to hold space together. Celebrating you and honoring your beauty has been an absolute blessing.

My mom used to say “it’s not goodbye, it’s so-long for now.”


It's sad to see another tremendous locally-owned business that people love close its doors. Here's wishing both Andy & TJ the best and hopefully we'll see something new from you soon!

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