UDisc.com says that this place is a 'hidden gem' and was just named the best place in the country for disc golf. You'll never guess where...


The Press Herald reported that on Friday UDisc.com, an online publication dedicated to disc golf, said that Lewiston-Auburn was the best place in the entire country for disc golf. The entire country!


“It’s a beautiful part of the country with so many dedicated people offering disc golf as both a recreational and competitive outlet for all ages,” said Terry ‘The Disc Golf Guy’ Miller, who assessed courses in the area for the online publication. “It also offers a valuable model for how to enrich the disc golfer experience."


The Press Herald continued by saying that Lewiston-Auburn beat out Minneapolis-St. Paul and Charlotte, North Carolina, which were second and third.

It's funny. It's not only shocking to us, it was shocking to UDisc.com. They said that they thought of Maine as lobster, Stephen King and nor'easters.

They looked at almost 400 cities across the country and Lewiston-Auburn beat everyone because here you often have to pay to play. That sounds like a bad thing, but it's a good thing because that money goes back into the course.

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