The Facebook page Business Insider posted an interactive map of the United States showing the most dangerous and safest states in different categories there are so many mistakes that I just can't take this thing seriously.

First off, whoever put this map together needs to go back to elementary school and learn state abbreviations. There are several instances where Arkansas is mentioned but the abbreviation used is for Alaska.

They based these finding on 5 different categories.

And what is this? Fewest fatalities per 100 million miles traveled? 100 million miles? That's a lot of miles. Why such a large measurement? I'm sure the results would be different if they did a more realistic distance. Say maybe 100 miles.

Maine made the list twice, one for being in the top 5 safest states as far as personal and financial safety, road safety (have they never visited Maine after a Nor'Easter?) Also workplace safety, and emergency preparedness.

We're on there a second time for fewest assaults per capita.

Also, the music they chose doesn't fit the map in my opinion. This music sounds like it's from a scary movie and I kept waiting for something to jump out at me..