There are always interesting items up for sale on Maine Facebook Marketplace. Like Craigslist For Sale, you can find great hidden gems, the usual used garbage, and then every once in a while there's a show stopper like this.

A piece of pizza? For 1 million dollars?

Hm... let's look into this. Looks like this slice of pizza comes with a bit of a ranty PSA...

facebook marketplace
facebook marketplace

"This page is full of people who are selling things, and buying things. There are COUNTLESS people who don’t know what it means to say I/We/We’ll be there @ whatever time. There are people on here who many of you take time out of my, my wife’s, friend’s, family’s, etc. days; that say you’re going to be at X place @ Y time to buy C item and never show up. There are people on here who try and screw people even harder on things that the people they’re trying to talk down are already taking a bath on. There are people on here who don’t give a baker’s f**k about anyone, or anyone else’s lives but your own. The beauty of my life is, I get to just get pissed off. However, if you’re doing it to us; there’s people who are doing it to everyone. I’m obviously not talking to everyone. People who aren’t bothered by or even thought about anything they’ve done are just reading this. Those of you who are getting offended, defensive, and hot under the collar know who and what you are. Like I said; I don’t need the money and sure don’t need the whatever this page or thing is on fb. The people on here though that are just ignorant is alarming. You represent the large number of common s**t that the world needs less of. So I’m selling a big slice of common sense, common respect, and common appreciation for other people’s time and money. People cancel dinner plans, leave work a shade early, slip a trip to the gym, and change countless other plans “cause lik ima b their lik 2-five click aftar werk 2 pick dat up”. Then even the 1/5 way decent ones say 9 hours later, “I dint make it cuz lik da babee sitr dint like show up er sumpin”. Yeah, well, “we missed a steak and lobster dinner, cuz like we got too much stuff, cuz we don’t shop on here. Have some common respect and take your respect or lack thereof and shove it."


....There you have it. If you were hoping for a diamond-studded remote-controlled piece of pizza, today's not your day. But hey, you saved a million bucks!

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