Why go out to the bar when you can have the bar to yourself in your own space?

I don’t know if it’s just the effect of quarantine or just my anti-social tendencies but the crowds at the bars, the Ubers, the prices, it’s all too much.

Forget all that nonsense and just have the bar come to you.

Tiny Mobile Pubs in Massachusetts

Tiny homes and food trucks are the biggest rave right now but it gets even better: A tiny mobile bar.

Let me introduce you to Tiny Pubs.

This mini mobile pub company lets you rent out Irish pubs for events or just because you want to. The “Wee Irish Pub” has a simple exterior to fit any event aesthetic but inside you’ll find an authentic Irish Pub just like you’d find in the old taverns around town.

The pub is a tiny little thing but somehow it holds seating for 10-12 people! There’s a bar area, little hangout seating space, electric fireplace, a Smart TV to stream a game or slide show or whatever you want, and two beer taps.

Tiny Pubs via Facebook

This is ideal for parties, events, weddings, birthdays, neighborhood hangouts, really any situation that involves drinking would be elevated with your own mobile pub.

Before you get your hopes up, you do have to be within 50 miles of Reading, Massachusetts, to rent this bad boy. It’ll travel within 30 miles but you can push it to 50 with additional charges.

Do Tiny Pubs Come With Alcohol?

While the mobile pub does come with two beer taps, you do have to BYOB. The pub is your own private bar to rent but you get to choose what beer and drinks are being served. You can run the place yourself or the Tiny Pubs company has a reasonable bartending service they can send your way.

Tiny Pubs via Facebook

While a personal bartender could be nice, I would personally have fun serving myself and my friends and experimenting with our own bar.

There are so many things you can do with your mobile pub and a really cool idea for an event.

Rather than have a cooler filled with beer in the yard, rent a pub!

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