I grew up in the semi-rural area of Oxford Hills. Back when I was younger, the biggest attractions in town were McDonald's and Oxford Plains Speedway. Today, the Norway/South Paris area has done a lot of growing in the downtown areas, but there are still plenty of places to make yourself feel a little like you're in the middle of nowhere.

If you've ever just wanted to get away from it all, there is a new house for sale in a remote area of Norway that would fit the bill perfectly as either a permanent residence or a summer home.

You'll find it at 55 French Road in Norway. Plug it into your GPS because it's on a dead-end road pretty nearly in the middle of the woods. It was built in 2021, so it's brand-spanking new, yet with its classic a-frame design, looks like it could have been built 75 years ago.

When it was built, it was spray foam insulated, making it very efficient to heat all year round with the wood stove and electric baseboard heaters. inside and can be heated all season long very minimally with just the wood stove and electric baseboard units.

There are 1400 square feet of space with two bedrooms and two baths and a lot of woods behind the home that will look absolutely beautiful in the fall.

We've featured a lot of beautiful homes here that usually are ridiculously expensive, but the asking price for this one is $475,000 which isn't bad at all considering it's a new home and with the real estate market the way it is.

Take a look inside.

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