If you were making a list of the worst intersections in Portland, the collision of 6 different roads near the University of Southern Maine might top the list. The City of Portland has a proposal in place that would eliminate the current mess of stoplights or awkward turning lanes in favor of a roundabout.

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The intersection is where Falmouth Street, Bedford Street, Deering Avenue and Brighton Avenue all come together. The 6-way intersection has a large source of frustration for motorists for years, particular during the morning and evening rush hours. That led the City of Portland to formulate a traffic proposal they hope will take care of the issue.

The City will be holding a meeting with the public to hear comments and concerns about the project and to unveil the initial design and potential timeline as well. And while the intersection has been an eyesore and traffic nightmare for many years in town, the question will likely be posed; is a roundabout really the answer?

Roundabouts have become a popular solution in recent years to alleviate traffic mashups. Augusta notoriously has a couple of roundabouts that manage some of their busiest roads, but Portland has yet to utilize the traffic pattern anywhere.

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