If you are hankering some Oakhurst chocolate milk...you're gonna notice that it's a little different.


Don't get me wrong. It's the same yummy chocolate milk from Oakhurst. You know the milk that actually is what you should drink after a work out to rebuild muscle. I'm not even making that up. But don't look for chocolate milk right now, look for 'Mud Season' milk.



Okay...that's cute. Instead of cursing Maine's 5th season, Oakhurst is celebrating it. And no...they didn't add mud to their chocolate milk - just good ol' Oakhurst chocolate milk.

But, check out what I found! Oakhurst Mud Season mud boot koozie!


That's wicked cute Bub!

If you want some Mud Season milk for your house, it last as long as mud season - the end of May.

It's funny, John Bennett, the president of Oakhurst says that they changed the name to Mud Season milk to...

...honor this unique time of year in New England. This is why we invest in good boots and even build entire rooms dedicated to them around here.


Hell of a good point John.