It's moments like this one that remind us the Maine State Police aren't only out on the highways to catch you speeding.

A driver on I-95 ran out of gas in Sidney on September 6. It happens, and it can be quite embarrassing when it does. Trooper Joseph Chretien stopped to assist the driver and when he learned that they were out of gas, he offered to call a tow truck.

Unfortunately the driver didn't have enough money for a tow truck. Out of gas and out of cash, this person was in a tough situation.

Trooper Chretien was nice enough to drive his cruiser to a gas station, purchase gas with his own money and return to the driver to fill their tank enough to get them going again.

Trooper Chretien's supervisor snapped the picture and it was shared on the Maine State Police Facebook page to give this generous Trooper the recognition he deserves.

Back in 1963, the Los Angeles Police Department adopted the slogan to "Protect and to Serve," and that saying has been adopted by police departments all over the country. This is a prime example of serving the people, by going above and beyond.

Well done, Trooper Chretien.


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